Complete Look Covid Procedures

The Complete Look, your favourite local salon for over 20 years, has a range of procedures in place to protect and reassure staff and clients alike during this difficult time.

We wanted to share with you exactly what a visit to us will look like so you can be sure that we never compromise your safety. As a reputable beauty salon, we already adhere to stringent rules and procedures surrounding cleanliness and hygiene of treatment rooms and equipment. Nothing has changed in the regard; we’ve just added in some additional procedures to minimise any risk associated with COVID 19.

These are our 10 safety points:

1. Firstly, make your booking either by calling our friendly receptionists Fiona or Susan, or through our app. Once you’ve made your booking, a consultation form and a Covid risk assessment will be sent out via email. Please complete and return this before your appointment. If you have no email account, we can complete a hard copy but this will need to be completed before you enter the salon for your appointment.

2. A day or so before your treatment, Fiona or Susan may call to take payment in advance over the phone. This just helps to decrease congestion at the till and means you can leave immediately after your treatment. There is absolutely no requirement do this though, you are very welcome to make your payment at the end of your treatment as normal.

3. When you arrive, please wait just outside the door, wearing your face covering (unless you are exempt). We need to make sure that there isn’t any congestion in the hallway before we let you in. We will take a quick temperature check when you arrive using a non-contact thermometer.

4. Once inside, please use the hand sanitiser station on the left.

5. Your therapist will arrive wearing a shield and mask and a new apron, but she’ll still be smiling underneath all that!

6. You’ll be taken to your treatment room which will have been sanitised using our specialist fogging equipment as well as all our usual cleaning procedures.

7. Your expert treatment will begin and will be just the same wonderfully comfortable and relaxing experience you always have.

8. For some treatments, the therapist may use a freestanding screen to afford extra protection for you both, particularly for close work like nails or eyebrows. This is on a flexible stand so you’ll be lying or sitting just as comfortably as always.

9. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll be shown back to reception to make your payment if needed, or to make your next appointment. Don’t forget your loyalty card!

10. We aren’t displaying lots of products but are still stocking all of our usuals, as well as some new products. Any member of staff will be able to help you with any purchases or advice you need.

We are here to support you

We appreciate that this is a lot to take in and we understand if you feel nervous, but our friendly staff are on hand to help throughout your visit and will address any concerns you may have. Feel free to call us before you come if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer and reassure you.

This is a difficult time for all of us and the changes to our routines and daily lives can have a devastating impact. Taking time to care for yourself and your body, has never been more important.
Our business thrives on the relationship between our highly trained therapists and our customers so please be assured of our ongoing commitment to providing the best service we can.

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