Salon Style Nails at Home

We had hoped for different news for 2021 but although we can’t open the salon, we’re still here for you. We’ve been asked for lots of advice on self-care and what products to use for the best results. This time, we’ll share how to get salon style nails at home.

Good Hand Habits

Winter plays havoc with our skin, especially our hands. The constant hand washing, sanitising and removal of gloves to adjust the face mask will take a toll on even the toughest of mitts!

Make sure you are using a moisturising hand wash and use lukewarm water to wash your hands. Apply hand cream regularly throughout the day to restore some of the natural oils that harsh chemical sanitisers and hand washes can take away.

It’s also good hand care to look after your cuticles which helps to keeps the nail bed healthy. Just apply a cuticle oil – we recommend Jessica Phenomen Oil – ideally after showering, and gently push back cuticles with an orange stick.


Before you start your manicure, make sure you have everything you need around you so you aren’t fumbling around with wet nails trying to reach your top coat! 

Then relax, light a candle and follow our eight easy steps to salon style nails at home!

  1. Make sure to clean your nails first, even if you aren’t wearing polish.  This helps to remove any dirt or oil and preps your nails. We recommend using a strengthening and moisturising polish remover.
  2. File gently to shape the nail and move from one side to the middle, then the other side to the middle so that you keep the shape even. Use a finer finish file as a very heavy grained file could cause damage if not used correctly.
  3. Swipe over again with polish remover to wipe away any filing residue.
  4. Use a base coat. We like Jessica Recovery Base Coat which nourishes and hydrates the nail.
  5. Wait for the base to dry and apply your colour.  Leave a tiny gap between the skin and the nail all the way around which will help to stop any bleeding of colour. Apply polish in five even strokes.  One down the centre of the nail, one to left, one to the right and then one at each edge.
  6. Wait for the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat in the same way.
  7. Once dried, always use a top coat. It helps to cut down on chipping and gives a professional looking shine.
  8. Finish when completely dry with another drop of cuticle oil.

We have a range of fabulous polish colours in our online shop, as well as base and top coats, oils and creams. Lots of our Jessica polishes are on sale until the end of January too!

Look after your home manicure by wearing gloves when cleaning and moisturising regularly.  It won’t last as well a gel manicure and may not have the professional look you get from a visit to The Complete Look but you’ll have had a relaxing time and can show off your hard work on your next zoom get together! Share with us too on social.

Stay safe

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