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Our brand new product range Slow Ageing Essentials is a British skincare brand created and owned by beauty industry pioneer David Lieber and his wife Margot. Both are devoted to holistic wellbeing in their daily and working lives.

They use the very best sustainably sourced natural ingredients, crafted to create the most effective formulations with expertise. Slow Ageing is about balance, in all things. Not overloading your skin with products it doesn’t need, not pushing yourself so hard when you exercise that you strain a muscle or cutting sleep in order to meet a work deadline. But helping to slow the effects of time on your skin is not just about what you apply, it’s how you look after yourself too – mentally and physically.

We suggest that you combine self-care into your skincare regime. So you can look after your skin, and your mental health at the same time. Slow Ageing have created this wonderful guided meditation and we suggest spending 5 – 15 minutes a day.

Close your eyes and soften your eyelids.
Take a soft, smooth, silky exhalation and inhalation and begin to simply observe your breath as it travels freely in and out of your body via your nostrils for a few moments.
Bring all your awareness to your breath, allowing each and every breath to be deeper than the one before without forcing it. Just follow its natural flow and simply become a witness of your breath.
Allow the breath to travel deep into your body to all parts of you, just letting the breath relax your WHOLE being.

Relax the scalp.
Relax the facial muscles from top to bottom.
Rest the eyes in the eye sockets and soften the eyelids.
Relax the area between the eyebrows.
Relax the jawbone.
Relax the tongue on your lower palate.
Have a soft, gentle smile on your lips.
Soften and relax the throat.
Soften and relax the heart centre – see your heart ‘smiling’.
Soften and relax your abdominal area where all your inner organs are housed.
Relax your arms and legs – allow the breath to travel to your whole body from head to feet.
Allow relaxation through just simply bringing awareness to your breath, to your whole being – all of your inner and outer YOU.
Observe how your breath is calmer and deeper; your whole body is more relaxed. Know that your breath is always available for you.
Take one more conscious breath, keep the soft, gentle smile on your lips and keep your heart smiling.
Gently open your eyes and continue your day – CALM, AWARE and POSITIVE.

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