Top Tips for Getting the Most from your Massage

Massage can be a welcome relief for body and soul during these difficult times. We asked our experienced therapists for their top tips on getting the most out of your massage.

Don’t eat just before a treatment

The digestion process moves blood towards the stomach and intestines. Massage is designed to draw blood flow to the area being worked on, so will move it from the digestive area. This could slow down your digestion and perhaps cause discomfort. So you shouldn’t eat anything substantial for at least 90 minutes prior to your treatment.

Be on time

It’s vital that you’re relaxed and calm before your treatment. Arriving in plenty of time means you will be able to complete any health questionnaires in advance of your treatment and that you’ll have time to transition from the stress of the rest of your day into your relaxation time.

Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible

The more relaxed you are, the better the benefits will be. If you are at all nervous, speak to our staff when you make your booking or when you arrive. We are a welcoming and friendly salon and we want all our clients to feel at home. If you’ve never had a massage treatment before, we’ll talk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

You don’t have to be nearly naked!

A common misconception. You can take off only the clothing you feel comfortable removing, but be aware that this may affect the efficacy of your treatment. Our staff are all discreet and professional and will only have the part of your body they are working on uncovered. The rest of you will be covered with a heated blanket or towel and the room will be lovely and cosy.

Talk to your therapist

If there is a particular part of your body that you are having trouble with or that you don’t want worked on, just say so. We’ll make sure we follow any instructions you give. We want you to have the most comfortable experience possible. We can also give advice on the best kinds of massage for any problem areas.


Get into a comfortable position, breathe and relax. We generally stay silent during our massage treatments to give you the opportunity to drift away. If you fall asleep, that’s fine! We’ll gently wake you after your treatment and you’ll be given time alone in the treatment room to slowly dress and get ready to leave.


After your massage, you’ll be feeling relaxed, your blood will be flowing and your muscles should be feeling loose and warm. Massage of any type is intended to improve your blood circulation and will in turn result in the release of toxins which your body will need to expel. Staying well hydrated before and after, will help your body flush those toxins out. We’ll provide you with water and a chance to have a seat after your treatment. We recommend you avoid caffeine and alcohol, and drink more water than usual for the rest of the day to allow those toxins to be released and your rejuvenated body to enjoy the post massage feeling for as long as possible!


The release of endorphins after your treatment will leave you feeling serene but also perhaps a little tired and light headed. Try and have a small, healthy snack not long after your massage to refuel your body and boost your energy.

Take it Easy

You are relaxed, your muscles are lengthened and stretched and you feel fantastic. Try and have some down time after your massage before you go hurtling back into your busy life. You’ve treated your body, give it a chance to enjoy the sensation!

We offer a huge range of massage treatments and packages and can recommend which one would suit you best. Contact us on 01577 863364 to chat through the best option for you.

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